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Blue Elephant Snuggly

Baby dragon is 14 inches long: mainly darker blue with lighter blue stripes & spikes/mainly red with darker stripes &

Father Christmas Merman

MerMan has a 14.25 tail & fin: cream body: wild white hair, mustash & beard: UKCA/CE tested

Father Christmas Pirate

Mr Pirate is 14 inches tall: lured trousers & jacket: St Piran Flag neckerchief & on his belt: skull &

Large Wizard

Our wizard stands 2 feet tall; wearing a lighter blue robe & shoes; darker green flecked cloak & hat; carries

Master Pirate

Hand knitted with green/light blue/red/dark blue/purple trousers: black & white/black & gold stripped top: St Piran Flag neckerchief, on their


Hand knitted has a 10 inch tail & fin, 7.5 inch body: cream/brown body: purple/pink/blue hair: Cornish National Tartan ribbon


Hand knitted mermaid has 14.25 inch tail & fin: has brown/cream body with blue/red/pink hair: wearing Cornish National Tartan ribbon


MerMan has a 14.25 inch tail & fin: brown/cream body: black hair, mustash & beard: UKCA/CE tested

Miss Dolly

Miss Dolly has light blue dress with purple trim & green apron/pale green dress with mid blue trim & pink

Miss Pirate

Hand knitted with green/red/pale blue/mid blue/purple/dark blue skirt: black & white/black & gold stripped top: wild red/blue hair: St Piran

Mr Bunny

Hand knitted Mr Bunny is lighter brown/darker grey/darker brown: pale blue trousers/yellow/pale brown/mid blue trousers: Cornish National Tartan trim on